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TTC customer service by email is broken.

January 24th, 2010

An update on my earlier data request of the TTC: Still no reply from the TTC even after emailing the followup address.

Inspired by recent articles on the Toronto Ombudsman, I’m going to write a formal complaint and address it to Roman Muetz, the TTC’s Customer Information Director, if the Customer Service line can’t help me tomorrow. Alternatively, I’ll phone him at the number listed on the Ombudsman’s website and point him at my blog. If he can’t help encourage the TTC to release good, open datasets, or encourage community contributions like, then all I can think to do is mount a campaign for quality GTA data and support of us transit hackers, by harnessing both the 6,000 downloads of my TTC Mobile app (100/day) and anybody else I can snare though Facebook/Twitter/other app platforms.

It’s disgraceful that when a developer really wants to make a difference, for free, that there’s zero support from a public-supported entity. Do I need to request an RFP and $$$ from the TTC to build something for them? Really? And what’s with the zero-response customer service, where @bradTTC on Twitter tells me to phone, and phoning tells me to email, and email goes nowhere with not even an auto-reply? They make YRT look like a five-star hotel by comparison.

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  • Brian Gonsalves

    Good luck getting accurate data Lou. I have a feeling that the TTC has no interest in sharing :(

  • Louis

    We'll get it one way or another, even if we make so much noise with alternate data/solutions that the TTC *has* to listen. Honestly.

    Meanwhile, over in Europe, they've their own tracking systems that seem much more integrated, which could be a positive or negative, but still — or (PDF with system overview on second page). They seem to have many more options for distributing the data, and it likely shows as San Francisco data (they use this system) was one of the first data sets set up for Google export, etc. Why the TTC picked Trapeze 6.0 by Trapeze Group & GPS tracking from NextBus over offerings from Mentz Datenverarbeitung or any local toronto developer (e.g. I've no idea …