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Dodecadandy #TTC art (Summer 2010)

January 24th, 2010

Something new will arrive north of Downsview Station this summer (according to an interview with the artists in Canadian Art). “Dodecadandy,” a November 2008 TTC report notes, “refers to corridors of transit, the outward push of the city and the routes that commuters and pedestrians follow.” Approved last February, the work has strangely received little attention so far, with only seven results on Google. More photos/quotes after the break.

As the report’s description continues:

The interaction between artwork and landscape reflects the continuing dialogue between the universal themes of modern urban growth and the universal theme of nature and its regenerative energies. The artwork is comprised of stainless steel metal components with a durable painted finish. Together, the sculpture and landscape suggest a juxtaposition of linearity and urban design harmonized with motifs of nature and natural plant growth.

Personally, I can’t wait. My only complaint with the report is when it says, “this project will result in a significant improvement to travel times, and an increase in the reliability of the 196 – York University Rocket bus service.” Because while it’s done both those goals, the wait times (at a stop) have increased significantly as spacing is an issue for the line. Still, at least this summer we’ll have something nice to look at as we wait for the 196B. Go Canadian art! :-)

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